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Do you know these new benefits of YouTube?

Do you know these new benefits of YouTube?

YouTube is the world's largest video platform. Day by day its number of users is increasing and many new features are being added to it. Many of us use YouTube every day. But many features of YouTube are still unknown to us. Today in this post we will talk about some new and unknown features of YouTube.

Know your watch time on YouTube

YouTube has provided a separate feature from where you can see how much time you spend watching videos. The name of this feature is 'Time Watched'. Go to the YouTube app on your smartphone and tap on your profile picture from the top right corner. Then select the 'Time Watched' option.There you will get detailed details of your video viewing time. Here you will get account for up to seven days. You can control your video viewing time by looking at these details. There are several options that you can select to control.

Reminder to take a break from watching videos

YouTube's reminder feature can remind you if you want to take a break from watching a video. When the time you set to watch the video is over, a pop-up will appear saying 'Time to take a break?' So you don't have to keep track of how many times you've watched a video.The reminder feature can also be accessed from the 'Time Watched' option by tapping on the profile picture. There you can set how long you want the reminder from 'Remind me to take a break'. So you can set reminders based on how much time you want to spend watching videos in a day.

Pinch to zoom

Many of us don't know that you can zoom in between videos while watching YouTube videos. This is a very useful new feature. For example: When someone is writing something on the board in the video, you can zoom in and take a good look at it. You can zoom up to 8 times using this feature. By opening the video in full screen and keeping two fingers on the screen, you can zoom in the same way as any picture can be zoomed on a smartphone through this feature.

Enable and disable auto-play

Anyone who plays YouTube regularly knows that YouTube automatically starts playing another video when one video ends. YouTube determines what videos to play by analyzing your content viewing habits with AI. If you don't like this auto-play feature, you can turn it off.The auto-play feature is turned on by default if you are 18 years of age or older. If you want to turn it off, open your YouTube app and tap on your profile picture. Then go to Settings > Auto-play option from there. Here you will find a toggle to turn the feature on or off.

Turn playback on or off in the feed

If you have used the YouTube app, you know that the video in the feed automatically starts playing from within the feed as soon as you enter the app. Although the feature is very useful, it can be annoying in some cases. For example, if you run with limited mobile data, this feature can cause data to run out quickly. But you can turn off this feature if you want or you can also set when this feature will work.Open the app and tap on the profile picture in the top right corner. Then go to Settings > General. From there go to 'Playback in feeds' option. On the new page, you can turn off this feature completely or select Wi-Fi Only to save data. It will only play feed when connected to internet via WiFi.

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