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How to increase video views on YouTube

How to increase video views on YouTube

Many people open channels on YouTube as a hobby or for online income. Even if you make regular videos and upload them to your channel, most of the time the number of viewers of the videos is very low. Others don't know about the video mainly because it doesn't rank early in YouTube searches. As a result less people watch the video. But if you want, you can increase the views of the video on YouTube by adopting several techniques. Let's know the basic tricks to increase YouTube views-


Keywords (most relevant search terms) are very important to rank videos on YouTube like Google. Because, most people find their favorite videos on YouTube by typing keywords. And so no matter what you make videos about, you should give relevant relevant words as keywords. Not only that, the keyword must be placed in the title of the video. As a result, YouTube's algorithm will easily understand the topic of your video and show it in search results.


The title of the video is very important to rank the video at the top of the search list. And so, interesting and important information must be written in the title within 100 characters. As a result, viewers will be interested in watching the video. No wrong or exaggerated words should ever be written in the title.


Tag option must be used to rank videos. The tags of the topic on which the video is made should be used. Many add irrelevant tabs to videos. This means that YouTube's search engine does not understand the content of the video and may not display it in specific categories.


The description of the video should be written very interestingly in 100 words. Within the first 25 words of the description the keyword words should be mentioned as well as the topic of the video should be well represented.


Thumbnails should also include brief information about the video. The more attractive you write in short words, the more viewers will be interested in watching the video. However, if you provide thumbnails with false or exaggerated information, viewers will get bored and not be interested in watching other videos on your channel.

Add captions

Regardless of the language in which you create your videos, adding captions to your videos will make them easily accessible to speakers of other languages ​​or the hearing impaired. As a result, the audience of the video will increase. Not only that, Google's search engine will show your videos in front of more viewers.

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