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Know details about income by entering data

Know details about income by entering data

Data entry is one of the most popular freelancing jobs in Bangladesh. Anyone can earn by doing data entry as no prior experience is required. Income by data entry is quite popular nowadays. In this post we will know in detail about what data entry is, how many types and how to do it. So this post is going to be a complete guide on data entry.

What is data entry?

Before learning the work of data entry, you need to know what data entry is. Data entry basically means entry or writing/entering data from one place to another. That is, you write or copy something from one source to another, it is called data entry. That is, the act of recording/arranging data is called data entry. This data or information can be any type of media, files, information, etc.

Many times, to digitize physical paper documents, they are transcribed into a computer and converted into a digital copy. The person who performs the data entry work is called data entry operator.

Anyone with basic computer usage and basic typing skills can do data entry. In this case, you may need to know how to use some additional software in addition to Microsoft Office apps. However, fast typing skills are most useful in data entry, as you have to work with large amounts of data here.

What are the types of data entry?

Currently, all information in any industry is stored on computers. This results in the need to digitally store physical documents on computers, which necessitates a data entry operator. In today's modern times almost every work in any field is done through a computer. Due to this, the need for data entry operators is increasing, along with it, the income opportunities by data entry are increasing.

Data entry can be of different types. The most common data entry task is the data entry task in Microsoft Excel software. Apart from this, spell checking, job posting, paper documentation, etc. are also very popular data entry tasks.

Let's take a look at some popular data entry jobs.


General data entry

This type of data entry is basically the act of recording various types of data source files such as paper or anything else into a digital format.

Product data entry

Some companies are required to keep records of their product information. These companies outsource data entry operators for this task. In this work basically the product and its information have to be arranged in the right format.

Accounting data entry

Many times companies hire freelancers to re-check various accounting related information in the office. In this work, it is usually necessary to bring various information of the office into a spreadsheet or any convenient format.

Data capturing and rendering

Such data entry operators are needed to create huge databases by consolidating any data from hard copy to soft copy.

Online data entry

The data entry work done through various portals or websites are put in this category. This is basically to include information from resource files to a website.

Offline data entry

Converting hard copy data to digital format is also done offline. In this case, some data is recorded in a computer software.

Data mining

Collecting important information from various websites and analyzing them is called data mining. Through this, various types of business decisions can be taken easily.

Numeric and text entry

The task of arranging various business documents properly and numbering them as per requirement. This gives a professional look to the database.

Mailing list compilation

Properly curating a company's client email list is the part of data entry that can generate large amounts of revenue.

Here are some popular data entry jobs. Besides, there are numerous types of data entry jobs that you can find on freelancing platforms.


How to become a data entry operator?

The advantage of data entry is that anyone can learn it easily and open their own income. However, if you want to earn in this way and take yourself to a good position, you must work towards improving your skills. First of all, you should work on improving your computer skills.

Secondly, improving your English skills is essential. Since English language is used in almost all data entry jobs, your English skills are definitely required here.

Next comes the need for good typing skills. Since you will be working with a lot of data as a data entry operator, you must emphasize your typing skills.

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