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Learn PayPal Alternatives for Bangladesh

Learn PayPal Alternatives for Bangladesh

Although PayPal has services in more than 200 countries or regions, PayPal has not launched their popular wallet service in Bangladesh. For this reason, many people are looking for an alternative to PayPal for Bangladesh. PayPal is especially needed by freelancers and online professionals. Since there is no PayPal in the country, there is no option but to use an effective alternative service. In this post, you will learn more about PayPal alternatives for Bangladesh.


Payoneer is considered to be the best alternative to PayPal. Peoneer has services in almost all countries of the world, so Peoneer can be an easy way to send money from any country to Bangladesh. In addition, numerous websites based on the Internet have listed Payoneer as its payout method, which is a good thing. Payoneer is widely used as an alternative to PayPal by freelancers and international corporations worldwide.


The US-based company also issues international MasterCard debit cards for a fixed fee, which can be used to withdraw money or spend online. Payoneer can be a great PayPal alternative if credit card payments aren't your thing. Apart from this, you can accept payments from Pioneer's own account as well as virtual bank account.



Another popular payment service as an alternative to PayPal is Skrill. Not only Bangladesh, but worldwide Skrill's popularity is increasing day by day. Skrill users in Bangladesh can bring money from any country through banks without issuing a card. Meanwhile, many online freelancing platforms support Skrill payments, so Skrill is considered a great alternative to PayPal.


Skrill is very popular as a payment gateway due to its low currency conversion rate. Skrill offers prepaid MasterCard that can be used to make purchases at numerous online and offline stores around the world. There is no need to worry about the safety and security of this service under the jurisdiction of the Financial Conduct Authority. However, the security is quite strict in the case of Skrill, so the verification may take some time for this service.


Wise (formerly known as TransferWise)

Another great PayPal alternative for international payments is Wise, formerly known as TransferWise. This service is very transparent in terms of currency exchange rate, which makes this service very popular for sending or receiving money internationally. Again using the app to transfer online using no hidden fees wise which is definitely awesome. Some also report this service as more convenient than Pioneer.



Neteller is mostly used for merchant payments. However, some online freelancing platforms also have Neteller support, so freelancers use Neteller as an alternative to PayPal. Neteller can be used in Bangladesh. The service is quite easy to use thanks to the mobile app for Android and iPhone. In case of Neteller, the feature of merchant payment using net card is most used. However, currently there is no net card service in Bangladesh.



Xoom is becoming a well-known service for international transactions from Bangladesh. Using Zoom and PayPal feels very similar, as Zoom is a part of PayPal. PayPal's subsidiary company is not yet in all countries of the world, but there is no lack of features in the service. Zoom service is expected to reach many more countries worldwide in the coming days.



International payment method Payza started its journey in Bangladesh in 2012. Payza offers international payment facilities in most countries and most commonly used currencies worldwide. Interestingly, there is an option to add funds to the Payza account through development. However, it has been seen in various forums that when funds are added to Peja account from Bikash, it remains as BDT, not dollars. It should be confirmed from the support first. Payza also provides the facility of withdrawing money from local banks. Besides, online payment can also be done using Payza.


2 Checkout

2checkout is a payment gateway that can be used to accept payments from Visa, Mastercard or Amex cards. 2Checkout offers MasterCard merchant payment facilities supported by Wise, PayPal, and Payoneer. The service offers multiple withdrawal options, and also provides the facility to withdraw funds using a Payoneer Debit Card 2Checkout. Merchants can use it on the website to take their business payments.



Bikash has become a reliable service for transferring money abroad. The country's best digital wallet service can be compared to some PayPal alternatives. Using this feature-rich service, you can make online payments on multiple platforms. Besides, development funds can be received from various foreign payment sites. Recently Bikash has partnered with Pioneer for the benefit of which the service is also providing some exclusive benefits. Money can also be withdrawn from Wise to Bkash account.


PayPal is the most popular payment gateway worldwide due to its amazing features. Since PayPal does not have wallet services in Bangladesh, you can get the same experience using the mentioned services.

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