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New feature YouTube Emotes, exactly what the user will use!

New feature YouTube Emotes, exactly what the user will use!

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the most popular social media platform for watching different types of videos. But, nowadays YouTube has become more and more popular for YouTubers.

YouTubers are using this platform to share their videos with everyone. At the same time, new avenues of income have been opened for them. This is why YouTube is bringing various new features. YouTube recently introduced a new feature to make commenting on videos more interesting for users.

The new feature appears to be inspired by a feature on Twitch, the Google-owned video sharing platform.

The platform has launched YouTube Emotes for gaming. Let's take a look at all the details of YouTube's new feature YouTube Emotes.

YouTube has recently provided various information about YouTube Emotes on one of its support pages. That YouTube post says that YouTube Emotes are funny sets of static images.

They can be used across platforms to create a sense of community. The platform said YouTube Emotes are currently made for gaming. Gradually YouTube Emotes will be rolled out to other themes.

YouTube also reported that the gaming emotes were created by artists Abel Hayford, Guy Field and Eugene Wan. It is unclear at this point if it has been rolled out globally. That is, it is not yet clear whether these new YouTube Emotes have been launched around the world.

How to use YouTube Emotes -

Users will see a smiley icon in the comments section of live chats or videos. Click on that icon to use YouTube Emotes. All available emotes and emojis can be found here. YouTube Emotes will be below any channel subscription custom emoji.

YouTube has also stated that these YouTube Emotes also have specific names. Users can type that name to autocomplete the live chat. These will work like custom emojis.

For example, if someone types cat-orange-whistling in chat, the emoji will appear. These YouTube Emotes are supposed to be similar to how Twitch works.

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