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New features of money income are coming on Twitter

New features of money income are coming on Twitter

Elon Musk, the new owner of the Twitter company, has been making a series of changes since taking control of Twitter. He started at Twitter amid massive layoffs. In the last one week, Elon Musk has canceled the jobs of about 3,500 workers. He said that the Twitter company was losing $4 million a day, so it had no choice but to lay off workers.

On the other hand, big brands, who used to advertise their products on Twitter, are worried about the future of Twitter. In the meantime, Elon Musk came with a new announcement - Twitter will provide an opportunity to earn money for all types of content.

Twitter is now taking various steps to make more money itself. Recently Twitter has launched a paid plan costing $8 per month. This plan is essential to get the Verified Blue Badge. That is, no matter how famous a person is, Twitter won't give him a verification tick if he doesn't pay $8 a month. This feature is currently experimental.

Social media sites offer their content creators a variety of income opportunities. For example, on YouTube and Facebook you can upload videos and earn from the ads shown there. Besides, your followers can also pay you through stars or subscriptions on those platforms.

Elon Musk said in a tweet that he will introduce more attractive income features on Twitter. However, Musk did not say exactly what means of income from Twitter.

But he said more information about Twitter monetization will be revealed in the next two weeks. The platform will facilitate uploading of long-form videos. Besides, the feature of long-form text posting will also come to Twitter.

According to a recent Twitter app update description, quality content will now dominate rankings on Twitter.

Various content creators said that if Twitter offers monetization facilities like other platforms, they will definitely upload content on Twitter.

Stay tuned to be the first to know all the latest news on how to earn money from Twitter!

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